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Home of THE MULTITUDES blog, which contains critically-acclaimed content that will make you think, cry, get pissed off, or laugh hard enough to temporarily relieve a case of the doldrums.

The Gentle Giant. The Quiet Lion.

Soft ‘n cuddly, but big ‘n bold:

The Many Attitudes of Dennis.

I call them The Multitudes.

Mo Beasley, “Do It Again MAD (Intro),” TRIPLETS, Vol 1

M. A. Dennis’ self-titled debut poetry collection is available for sale wherever he goes, at select independent book stores, and on the Lulu and Amazon websites.

Mi casa, su casa. Take off your proverbial shoes and take the grand tour. You’ll find 5-7-5 haiku, ear hustling, phonetography, book lists, food reviews, FYI info, recommendations, spirituality, discussion, debate, the firing of subliminal shots, music, playlists, videos, advocacy, MAD products, upcoming schedule, Oxford commas, and mucho more.

The Many Attitudes of Dennis. Las Muchas Actitudes de Denis.

“I am large,

I contain multitudes.”

Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself”