This is where I imagine the signs living (Not Today Chaos)

This is why I don’t log-in to Metabook before noon. I’m still Intermittent Fasting and I’m hungry and I’m cranky and I’m liable to Raisin in the Sun smack the Sugar Honey (in the Rock) Iced Tea outta somebody for saying something they never shoulda said.

Metabook troll comes at Cancer.

When I scrolled through the post, I was pleasantly surprised at first: Wow, dude doesn’t have it out for Virgos. Although, when it came to Scorpios, I thought to myself, damn, why you gotta come for them like that?

But it was my own zodiac sign, Cancer, that set me off. When I saw the image of where the imaginer imagined a Cancer might live it was too much. It wasn’t even a halfway house decent looking trailer. A dream wish sequence ensued…

I got up, walked over to whoever did this, smacked the sh!t outta them, sauntered back to my seat, sat down, and dared they ass to say something else.

“Wow, dude…”


(Oh, what? Did you think I was going to say, “In my mother’s house there is still God”?)


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